Birds Club International aims to revive the nature by not just planting trees, but by joining hands with the various strata of the society in spreading the importance of conservation, bringing about a change in the way people look at and treat their environment, and avail prompt sustainable use of natural resources. Our agents of change would be children and youth drawn from various schools and colleges, eminent environmentalists and biologists, partners who work for similar causes and those who are willing to spend their precious little time for us. We will reach out to the larger society through them. This is a model that can be easily set up and adapted anywhere, to address similar issues with local support and participation. Clubs would be set up in a four tier system representing Districts, State, National and International levels. Members of the club would meet once every month (or more) and discuss environment­ related issues, plan and implement activities. Eminent guests shall be invited from various walks of life and they will frame the modalities of their occasional meetings. The election of members, their responsibilities and actions shall be governed by a bylaw. The meetings would be followed by a strict vegetarian menu.